„Ever since I met Carolina, I knew she was the one I should be working with. She had my back during hard times and helped me see the beauty in it. I admire Carolina’s strength and calmness when dealing with difficulties, her eye for the pure and pretty in the moment, and her professional experience. She knows how to dream big and work hard.“ Jana

Carolina spent many weeks of her childhood in Essouira. She knows all corners of the Medina and grew up playing with the children of this wonderful town. Inspired by the people and traditional craftsmanship, she continued to return to Morocco over and over again.

It’s no wonder Carolina’s heart beats for art, design, and different cultures. She comes from a family of artists and her father, an art gallerist, introduced her to treasure hunting at an early age. If you want to meet her, be the first in the morning to visit flea markets around Hamburg. She probably snuck out of her apartment before her boys woke up, to make sure she is not missing out on any amazing, historical treasures to fill her apartment.

Carolina is a studied designer and has worked for film & photo agencies internationally. She lives together with her husband Robert, and their two sons, Johan and Leonard, in Hamburg.


„On my travels as a photojournalist I meet many people, but Jana was one of those who fascinated me at first sight. She is tough and adventurous, loves freedom, and is very open minded. Nothing ever gets boring with her. She has an infectious laughter and brightens every situation with her humor. And it definitely helps the artistic mind of mine that she always has an overview of facts and finances.“ Carolina

Jana comes from a family of entrepreneurs on the one hand, and musicians on the other. Quite the mix of two kinds of people, but that sums up the combination of what she is quite well. In her childhood, the interior of her room was quickly a big topic, as well as crafting and upgrading furniture herself; even in the early days. Her parents were quite surprised how amazing their old furniture could actually look again, when they rediscovered it in their daughter’s room.

In her husband, Jana found the perfect partner; not only in marriage, but also to help turn her ideas of interior into action. Today, he helps her build what she has in mind. Her friends mostly notice there is a always something new to discover when they stop by. Their house is a never ending project; it tells their story that keeps on developing.

Jana studied economics and worked in retail management in the fashion industry before founding Lilla Studios. She lives in Oslo, together with her Norwegian husband Henrik, and their two daughters, Alva and Vilma.

Our Story

„We believe every home should tell a story. It should be a great collection of what you love and who you are, or even dream to be. Our work is about making and selling beautiful things that tell a story. It is about the people who live on this planet, their creativity, and fair trade in a global world.“

Before we founded the company, we always knew we were each others’ business partners. We complement one another; professionally and personally. A great partnership – we believe – is the key to success. We wanted to do what our heart is beating for and therefore founded our own interior company exactly the way we wanted; filling it with exactly what we desire to have in our own homes. With Lilla Studios, we treasure hunt for handmade pieces from all over the world and ensure what we find or create is accessible to you. We currently offer products from Morocco and Ghana; but in the future you will see more handmade products - from different countries in South America, to Germany, and all the way up north to Norway.

While founding this company, we loved the concept of taking one step at a time and strongly believe we can figure it all out while raising four babes between the ages of one and three.

We know where our interiors come from and who made it. Read more about this in every product description while shopping. We care and we want you to care!

After all, we hope our interior products will become treasured pieces in your home.

With love, Carolina & Jana



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