Female founding in the carpet industry

Female founding in the carpet industry

This very first blog post takes you along some thoughts about founding a company in the carpet industry – as young females. And how this all even happened.

Lets begin this story with my daughters. When I became their mother I started to feel a stronger urge for social responsibility. I’m sure they made me a better person. The more I learn and grow, the more I care about sustainable production lines, to be mindful in a global world, and to support small businesses. Of course there are many aspects of life where I could still improve my own behavior, but you have to start somewhere.

Looking for carpets these days is hard. Huge companies sell a ton of them, they are machine made, not very unique, etc.  However, the biggest problem is that the carpet industry very much struggles in the field of child labor – more than any other industry does. I never really know where the carpet I choose comes from or who made it, and I’m still asked to pay a high price for them. Carolina and I both really struggled with this thought, while we obviously very much love carpets. This is how the idea of Lilla Souk slowly but surely started developing.  

My children grow up in a world with very different problems. I don’t worry about child labor and the lack of being able to access education.  But I still worry about them – ALL THE TIME. I still wonder how do I raise them…the “correct” way?

In the past, I have allowed people to be in my life who haven’t treated me the way I deserved to be treated. And while it could have gone way worse, that’s the hardest I’ve been through; something I want to protect my children from. How can I teach my girls to be brave enough, wild enough, and trustful enough to recognize them and turn their back on them? To understand and believe early that there will be better things to come? To lean your entire being in the thought that you can turn things around to make them end well for yourself.

Today I am 29 years old and it took me a long time to feel as powerful as I do right now. How can I help my children get there and at the same time how can I leave a positive impact on the world they are growing up in?

I can teach them to love themselves first, but still question your own actions.

To always support and protect one another as sisters. I will tell them over and over again that they are the only ones allowed to make decisions about their own bodies!  

I want to let them know, that no matter what happens, nothing could ever diminish my love for them. Among other values, I hope this gives them a strong base to come out powerful and happy. And to be the next person who wants to do something meaningful.

My own thoughts come down to a bigger picture. Where do Girls stand in this world?

I might be a feminist, but I’m also an equalist! I believe men and women, boys and girls, can do the same things.

I now work together with humans and cultures where all these thoughts and beliefs are far away from the present. Where daughters are raised different than mine.  This makes me angry sometimes, but it doesn’t mean it won’t change in the future. There is a long way to go. Our company supports women in different cultures. It supports families to grow stronger and allows their children to be educated. We’ve met some wonderful women along the way and we believe their empowerment makes a difference.  

It’s time to change the carpet industry, isn’t it?

Watch out for our upcoming projects and the organizations we will be working with in the future. Morocco is just the very beginning; we are moving on to the next country now.  Please continue to follow and share our story.

Love, Jana